Hello Sense

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Project Overview

Your alarm is the first thing you experience in your day – It should be pleasant, polite and seamless. When Hello came to us to rethink the way alarms should sound, we saw this as an opportunity to create an experience that is more dynamic, more distinct and so much softer and more pleasurable for the end user. The end result changed the way designers think about designing auditory alerts, notifications, alarms and ringtones by addressing them in a more considerate, gradual manner.

Brand Communication

From the get go, we knew we wanted to use dynamics as a driving principle to express this seamless transition. The idea of waking light sleepers at the beginning of an alarm with a softer touch was a new and fresh concept. Each alarm takes a considerate approach to design that evolves and develops gradually in order to address the wide user base of light to heavier sleepers.


Brand DNA

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    Lightness and Elegance

    Space in composition and lighter textures and timbres

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    Dynamic Design

    Slow, gradual builds designed for a range of sleepers from light - heavy

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    Seamless Transition

    Ambient soundscapes that ease transition from sleep to waking

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    Considerate by Design

    Softer approach to design that is polite and considerate of the end user

We used layers that come and go, build and fall to elegantly get people out of bed rather than rudely force them awake.






Sleep Tones

Note from client

"The team at Hello worked with CMoore Sound on the sound identity for Sense. They took on the challenge of creating a diverse set of audio assets for Sense, and ended up creating a cohesive and recognizable sound aesthetic for the product that we extended across multiple features, powering some of the most-loved experiences with the product"

Kevin Twohy, Director of Product

Note from client

I’m a big fan of two clever bits of technology in the Sense system: the ambient sounds designed to gently put you to sleep and the gradual alarm devised to equally gently pull you out of it — it’s super neatly executed. I use the app to set up relaxing white noise for a half-hour playback in the evening and then — on the occasions when I’m actually in bed at alarm time — I seriously enjoy the soft and polite way it wakes me up.

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