Sonic ID & Audio Brand Strategy
Radio, TV, and Digital Platforms
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Project Overview

As KQED was in the midst of a full rebrand, they jumped at the opportunity to supplement this with a sonic id and audio brand strategy for radio and television broadcast that would increase recall and drive engagement.

Brand Communication

After hosting multiple music and sound workshops with the team, we conducted a massive audit of various radio and television networks as well as digital media providers in order to strategically position KQED to standout in this highly competitive space. Seeing that KQED is currently the most listened to public radio station in the US, it was important to create something accessible to a range of people of various backgrounds.

Brand DNA

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    Simplicity in melody and layered timbre that spans the frequency spectrum

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    Wondrous, spacial textures instead of a forced melody

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    Call and response melody that gives confidence to the listener

To communicate trust, we focused on form of the melody and how it begins with a questions and ends with an affirmative response.


KQED Shortform ID


KQED Longform ID

Note from client

CMoore Sound had a proven process and strategy that they’ve had success with for many years with top-level brands so it was an easy choice. They utilized the perfect blend of creativity, science and strategy that felt natural and really worked for us in telling KQED’s brand story.”

Delinda Mrowka
VP of Marketing, KQED