State Farm

Sound Logo, Brand Anthem and Audio Brand Strategy
TV Commercials, Audio Advertising, Social Media, Digital Content
Sound Logo Index: #2 most recognizable Sound Logo

Project Overview

The State Farm jingle has been a part of popular culture for over 50 years. As part of a full brand refresh, we partnered with State Farm and Wolf Ollins to modernize their sound logo that’s scaleable across all brand touchpoints. We developed a dynamic that scales for broadcast, streaming and digital channels and flexes based on content format and style of messaging.

Building on Equity

State Farm is a heritage brand that has been known for over 100 years. With the rebrand, they wanted to position the themselves as a trusted industry leader embracing a bolder vision for the future. With this in mind, we were tasked with maintaining a strong connection to the legacy, building on decades of equity in the original jingle, while moving the brand into a more contemporary space.


Core to the State Farm identity system is the three ovals in their visual logo. As part of the brand refresh, State Farm introduced a more  dynamic sense of motion to the logo that allowed us to create a supportive sound design foundation that is adaptable and bold. From here, we began to design a dynamic system that can flex between bold and timeless allowing the sound logo to fit a range of messaging.

Brand DNA

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    Future Forward

    Bolder, more modern sound design elements that support the 3 rings of their visual id

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    Calming Confidence

    Underlying warm sound pallet that is modern yet timeless

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    Genuine Empathy

    Tonal range that can flex to with a range of messaging

We aimed to leverage the equity built by the iconic melody while creating an adaptive framework that allows it to scale in a modern context.

State Farm 3 Beat Sound Design

State Farm Full Sonic ID

State Farm Brand Video and Music