Audio UX
Uber Drivers App / Uber Eats App

Project Overview

For a brand in rideshare, a good audio user experience should allow a driver to immediately recognize what app is attempting to get their attention without even having to look at it. For Uber, creating a distinct, branded audio experience was of the utmost importance and we were lucky to be called on for the collaborative effort.

Brand Communication

After extensive research and a brand workshop, we identified that we wanted to lean into 3 core brand attributes, but had to first prioritize communication and expression to ensure that the tones were understandable in the context of the driving experience. The tonal palette we shaped has a very clean, minimal feel that differentiates it from others in the competitive space while having a cohesive, familial tonality.

Brand DNA

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    Motion and Speed

    Delay and flutter add depth and leave lasting trails symbolizing motion

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    Premium and Clear

    Multilayered timbres, muted tones contrasted with brighter tones

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    Sound of Earning

    Melodies and timbres that give the feel of a coin dropping

We optimized and tested the sounds in some of the loudest areas of San Francisco to ensure that they were clear and communicative to the end user.

Note from client

Image, sound, and vibration were paired with alerts so that no matter how the phone is used—on a phone mount in a car, attached to the handles of a bicycle, or in a courier’s pocket while walking to deliver a meal—on-trip alerts are always easily accessible and understood.

Evelyn Kim,
Senior Design Manager, Uber