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Google Glass, Google IO Keynote, Waymo, Google Ara, Google Sonic ID, Google Pay

The Evolution of a Soundscape

We’ve had the pleasure to call Google one of our primary clients since 2012 and have worked on a range of projects spanning product, advertising and experiential spaces touching billions of people worldwide.

Brand Cohesion

Since the beginning, we’ve prioritized seamless experiences across the brand platform. For Google’s soundscape this means that we’ve always utilized instrumentation and timbre that is rooted in the organic, but has the ability to flex at time to become more digital when needed. Compositionally the audio ux across all product is rooted in simplicity to communicate the ease of use that allows their technology to be more transparent and intuitive.

  • Google Glass Audio UX

    Glass was our first experience working with Google. It was also Google’s first jump into using strategic audio so we saw this as an opportunity to set the tone for the brand. For Glass we wanted to humanize the product and use instrumentation that sounded familiar and approachable. For functionality, we added an atonal, tactile feel to many of the tones while adding major scales to the melodic tones so that emphasized moments of delight.

  • Google IO Keynote Soundscape

    In 2015 Google reached out to us to score Sundar Pichai’s keynote speech for Google IO. We worked closely with the data arts team to craft an immersive soundscape that was mixed in 7.1 surround sound to create a truly enveloping experience.

  • Google Firefly Audio UX

    When Google approached us to create both the in car audio experience and engine tone for their self driving car, we jumped at the opportunity. We agreed that we wanted to continue to scale the Google Audio DNA, but for this experience we had more bandwidth to play with for a richer, more robust sound palette. For the engine tone, we designed in accordance with federal regulation for EV engine tones required by NHTSA and also infused the Google brand flavor of creating something light, approachable and pleasant.

  • Google Ara Music

    Google’s project Ara was an exciting prospect so when we were tapped to create the score for this campaign, we were more than excited. We wanted to create a lush soundscape that develops and layers over time to follow the visual edits and pace while complimenting the balance of organic and digital that is inherent within the product. The device itself is all about interlocking unique parts so we tried to follow this concept by layering instrumentation that have their own timbre and feel, but once interlocked all work seamlessly.