State Farm

Sonic ID, Brand Theme and Audio Brand Strategy
TV, Radio and all Digital
Audio Logo Index: #2 most recognizable Sonic ID

Project Overview

The State Farm jingle has been a part of popular culture for decades. As they were in the midst of a rebrand, they wanted to modernize their sonic identity while also making it more thoughtful from a strategic standpoint in hopes of scaling this identity to further their brand equity.

Brand Communication

State Farm is a heritage brand that is known throughout the world, but it’s also a very forward thinking brand in how they present themselves. With this in mind we had the challenging task of holding onto that legacy while also moving into the future. Through many sound workshops, stakeholder interviews and competitive audits we were able to develop a set of core principle that support how their audio brand should sound in todays work and moving forward.

Brand DNA

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    Future Forward

    Bolder, more modern sound design elements that support the 3 rings of their visual id

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    Calming Confidence

    Underlying warm sound pallet that is modern yet timeless

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    Genuine Empathy

    Tonal range that can flex to with a range of messaging

We aimed to leverage the equity built by the iconic melody while creating an adaptive framework that allows it to scale in a modern context.

State Farm 3 Beat Sound Design

State Farm Full Sonic ID

Chris Paul State Farm Commercial

State Farm Brand Video and Music