State Farm

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Sound Logo Index: #2 most recognizable Sonic ID

Project Overview

The State Farm jingle has been a part of popular culture for over 50 years. As part of a full brand refresh, we partnered with State Farm and Wolf Ollins to modernize their sound logo that’s scaleable across all brand touchpoints. We developed a dynamic that scales for broadcast, streaming and digital channels and flexes based on content format and style of messaging.

Building on Equity

State Farm is a heritage brand that has been known for over 100 years. With the rebrand, they wanted to position the themselves as a trusted industry leader embracing a bolder vision for the future. With this in mind, we were tasked with maintaining a strong connection to the legacy, building on decades of equity in the original jingle, while moving the brand into a more contemporary space.

We aimed to leverage the equity built by the iconic melody while creating an adaptive framework that allows it to scale in a modern context.

Dynamic Sound Design

Core to the State Farm identity system is the three ovals in their visual logo. As part of the brand refresh, State Farm introduced a more dynamic sense of motion to the logo that allowed us to create a supportive sound design foundation that is adaptable and bold. The three beats followed by the clap adds a level of depth to the hero melody while supporting the idea of connection.

Flexible System

We also wanted to make sure to design a flexible system that can shift between bold and timeless allowing the sound logo to fit a range of messaging. The three design principles that we honed in on allowed us to showcase different sides of the brand that allowed for this flexibility.

Flexible Elements

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    Future Forward

    Bolder, more modern sound design elements that support the 3 rings of their visual id

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    Calming Confidence

    Underlying warm sound pallet that is modern yet timeless

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    Genuine Empathy

    Tonal range that can flex to with a range of messaging

Dynamic Sound Design

Hero Sound Logo


The final execution of the State Farm sound logo showcases how unique sound
elements can come together to demonstrate a more modern brand approach that
honors legacy while embracing flexibility. The new State Farm sound logo is heard
millions of times daily across the US and was recently ranked as the second most
recognizable sound logo in the US.

“The overall score was driven by high numbers in recall and familiarity, as well as the highest brand association in the index (81%).”
Veritonic Audio Logo Index


Crafting the Anthem and Variations


Once we finalized the hero sound logo, we pivoted over to creating the hero brand anthem, variations and sound logo variations to accompany the massive range in messaging State Farm produces for public facing and internal content. Ultimately we created 6 variations for the sound logo and brand anthem that serve as a toolkit for extended use for internal teams.

To the right is the primary brand anthem that was released with the rebrand and below are the sound logo and brand anthem variations.



Sound Logo Variations


Brand Anthem Variations


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