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Project Overview

Whisper AI is a company who is invested in innovating hearing aid technology to be more easily integrated into peoples lives. In 2020, we had the chance to partner with them in creating a cohesive, branded set of sounds that help to bolster the user experience with informative, accessible tones that, at times, add moments of delight.

Design Principles

Key to our effort was setting a strong foundation of research of their primary customer target to better understand what was most important to them and optimizing design around a some key design principles. First, we wanted to create an accessible soundscape to not alarm the user. Second, we wanted  to create a minimal soundscape that is more modern and won’t annoy the user. Lastly, create a soundscape that is easily understood and communicative.

Design System

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    Soft textures that sweep in to not alarm the user

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    Simplistic tones that don't cause fatigue

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    Melodic phrases that mirror one another to communicate state of device


Before jumping into design, we held a listening workshop with the brand as well as with key stakeholders from their test group to ensure we were designing not only for the brand, but also the people who would be using the device on a regular basis. During our design process we worked closely with the design team implementing and testing files with their test group to refine the sounds to the final set.


The sounds created for Whisper were a massive addition to their forward thinking approach to better design for hearing aids. Since the launch in 2020, customers have continuously mentioned the sound design as one of their favorite parts of the experience.

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