Peloton Lanebreak

Audio UX, In Game Sound Design, Music
Peloton Lanebreak

Project Overview

For the last 3.5 years we’ve been a dedicated partner of Peloton creating all of the audio strategy, brand assets and audio ux spanning product and marketing which informed our approach to the menu sound design, music and in game sound design for Lanebreak

While working on developing the audio ux for Rower, Peloton pulled us into working with them on their new foray into gaming on Bike and Tread.  We worked alongside Peloton’s ux team and their extended gaming partner to create the menu music, menu ux and in game sound design for Lanebreak that helped to bring the game to life.


UX, Sound Design & Music

The approach of creating sound for gaming is typically very different from creating brand or ux sound, but we saw this as an opportunity to extend the Peloton brand palette and add a bit more color and dynamics to engage the players of Lanebreak. Menu music was designed to get the player into a more focussed headspace before joining their workout.  Audio UX uses the foundational palette as all Peloton ux while adding some texture and reactivity for exciting moments like starting a game. The in game sound design is where we took a departure to support the dynamic game play with something rich and ethereal supporting the futuristic, space like environment.

Menu Music & UX


Music & Sound Design