UX Sound Design

Products and apps make a lot of noise. We design with intent making product and app experiences more intuitive, functional, accessible, and delightful. From automotive and robotics to social apps and medical devices, we’ve been one of the leaders in audio user experience design for over a decade.

We create audio user experiences for products and apps that are considerate of the environments they live in. We don’t want to make the world louder—we want to make it sound better. Including custom designed sound into an app or product experience is a great way to add delight, drive engagement and increase accessibility. We design these experiences strategically identifying where, when and how a product should use sound.

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    UX sound design is about more than just developing sounds; it’s about crafting sound for products that captures not only the essence of your brand but also what resonates with your audience. We work to translate your brand’s personality into audio, creating memorable brand sound design that propels your business away from the noise and into the limelight.

    For over 15 years, we’ve been on a mission to make brands heard through our innovative product sound design. Our creatives and designers are leaders in the field, combining technical expertise, creative spirit, and strategic thinking. We are committed to transforming the function, accessibility, and aesthetics of the sonic elements in UX sound design, pioneering an intuitive experience that doesn’t just make the world louder but also makes it sound better.


Pushing the Boundaries of Interactive Sound Design

Our creative journey begins with understanding your brand’s essence. We sustain this essence throughout the process, combining it with the art of sound design to craft engaging experiences. Whether for a start-up or a Fortune 100 company, our sound design harmonizes with the brand, creating a symphony that communicates your values, captivates your audience, and sets you apart from your competition.

Sound is the secret ingredient that can turn an ordinary product into an extraordinary one. Our innovative brand sound design applies this principle to create bespoke sounds that are not only nice to hear but are also reflective of your brand identity. Our designs go beyond the basic function of sound to incorporate emotions and evoke a feeling that is inherently on-brand.


Redefining UX Sound Design

UX sound design is the voice of any digital or physical product. Our accomplished team meticulously designs each sound element, ensuring they are intuitive and pleasing while striking the perfect balance between functionality and delight. We tap into our technical sound knowledge, creatively applying it to enhance the overall user experience and drive customer engagement.

Let’s make your product experience sound better. Contact us today and lets start orchestrating your brand’s sound experience.

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