Sonic Branding

It’s more important now than ever to think strategically about how, when and where your brand uses sound to make an impact. Whether it be sound logos, brand music, or audio ux, our audio branding services tap into your core values and design principles to align to your key brand expression while creating cohesion across touchpoints.

Sonic Brand Strategy










We work closely with brands to define their audio branding strategy creating more holistic, connected audio experiences. Setting a foundation, building trust, and getting alignment takes us into design.

Stakeholder Interviews
We meet with key stakeholders to get alignment on project objectives and internal brand perception.

Competitive I Aspirational Brand Audits
We conduct a thorough analysis of your brand’s sonic positioning, opportunity touchpoints, and that of competitors to ensure success.

Music I Sound Workshops
Our music and sound workshops are designed to align stakeholders and uncover the perfect sound for your brand.

Sound Guidelines
At the end of the design process, we create sound guidelines that slot into your brand guidelines to give context and best practices for sonic branding application.





Sound Logos








We design sound logos that are heard millions of times daily, building brand affinity, recognition, and equity.

Audio logo’s are evergreen assets that a brand can use over the course of years to build equity and are even more empowered by creating variations that can flex with brand messaging. We have an iterative process that is collaborative by design to make sure we’re creating sound logos that support brand and drive recall.










Brand Anthems











We compose custom musical scores for advertising, internal communications, and core brand moments.

Music intensifies emotion and enhances narrative. Having a strategic approach to sonic branding and music allows us to be intentional about what genres, instrumentation, and motifs to use in support of your brand’s story. We see music as a key expression point not just for campaigns, but for a larger brand expression and ambition.  




Let’s Create Your Sonic Imprint


With CMoore Sound, you can expect a holistic approach to sound design while retaining the tailored touch that your brand requires. We lend our ears to your brand, orchestrating a 360-degree auditory experience that breathes life into your brand’s identity.

Contact us to talk about adding sonic branding to your brand toolkit.

Sonic Branding Case Studies